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EPA-funded research projects

IN-SIGHT determined the current ecological status of a representative selection of Candidate Reference Lakes (CRLs) s in Ireland and established biological reference conditions for examples of the main types of impacted lakes in the country. IN-SIGHT utilised diatom remains preserved in lake sediments as a proxy of past conditions in freshwater lakes, together withsediment chemistry, and the remains of cladocera (zooplankton) and pollen.

IN-SIGHT was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Catherine Dalton (University of Limerick), Dr. Manel Leira (University of A Coruña), Dr. Phil Jordan (University of Ulster)Dr. Helen Bennion (University College London) and Dr. Luís León-Vintro (University College Dublin).

ILLUMINATE aimed to quantify interactions between current and past ecological pressures and responses, by focusing on lakes in three catchments in the west and southwest of Ireland and simulating future scenarios of direct relevance to River Basin District (RBD) managers and environmental regulators, by using a combination of existing and new empirical data and results generated by runs of coupled dynamic ecological pressure-response models. The project ran for three years (2006-2009).

ILLUMINATE involved collaboration with Prof. David Taylor (Trinity College Dublin), Dr. Catherine Dalton (University of Limerick), Dr. Phil Jordan (University of Ulster) and Dr. Helen Bennion (University College London). ILLUMINATE partners also include Dr. Elvia de Eyto and Dr. Phil McGinnity (Newport Laboratory, Marine Institute), David Lenihan (Kerry County Council) and Dr. Paddy Kavannagh (ESB International and WRBD). Dr. Eleanor Jennings (Dundalk Institute of Technology), Dr. Barry O’Dwyer (Trinity College Dublin) and two PhD students (Kim Bosch and Sarah Murnaghan) participated in the project.

Multi-national research projects of relevance

  • Euro-Limpacs
  • Rebecca (Relations between ecological and chemical status of [EU] surface waters)

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